Dirt Daubers

Soil daubers are not rejected from the various pests you’ll discover in Arizona because of their environment. They are otherwise called ‘mud daubers’ or ‘mud wasps’ and are named for their propensity for building mud homes. They are lone wasps that form their homes or homes utilizing mud. Albeit these pests are generally innocuous, the fundamental issue that soil daubers cause is the unattractive homes that they make around your home.
At Optimex Pest Control, our specialists eradicate these pests from your home utilizing our effective earth daubers control treatment. We offer the best pest control administrations around Prescott and all over Arizona.

What You Should Know About Dirt Daubers

Where Can You Find Dirt Daubers?


Under Roof Eaves

Covered Porch Ceilings

Garages or Sheds

Under Roof Eaves

Covered Porch Ceilings

Why Should You Get Rid of Dirt Daubers?

Reasons to remove dirt daubers from your homes include:
At Optimex Pest Control, we offer the best pest control administrations in Prescott and all around Arizona. We might want to assist you with disposing of earwigs from your home.

What Do We Do For You?

Inspection and Identification

Our authorized, all-around prepared, and experienced experts review your home to know the specific species and degree of the earth daubers pervasion.

Three types of mud daubers can be discovered bounteously in Arizona; Organpipe mud daubers, Black-and-yellow mud daubers and Blue Mud daubers.


Our specialists totally annihilate the mud daubers dependent on their various species utilizing our viable pest control treatment plans. The wellbeing of your friends and family, and pets is a need for us all through the entire cycle.

Why Should You Hire Us?


Our specialists are authorized, prepared and experienced in pest control administrations, and they take care of business rapidly and productively.

Your solace and friends and family are our need, and we show it consistently!

Top Quality Products & Best Prices

For the great occupation that we accomplish for you, our costs are entirely moderate. We utilize the most excellent items for the killing cycle without charging an arm and leg.