Flea and Tick Control

Seeing your pets persistently attempting to scratch and encountering uneasiness because of ticks and insect assaults can be tragic. Did you realize that besides making distressed pets, insects and ticks are additionally transporters of infections like hantavirus, plague, murine infection and microorganisms? That makes them even more hazardous to you and your pets. At Optimex Pest Control, our need is to assist you with eliminating these insects and ticks totally from your home. Our specialists utilize super-viable pest control techniques to ensure your pets.
All things considered, while they may look basically the same as you, however, experts know the distinctions! Our cockroach control medicines are customized towards annihilating every species in an ideal manner. We’re here to assist you with understanding what precisely is going on in your home and assist you with disposing of those irritating cockroaches.

Causes Of Fleas And Tick Infestations

Increasing Level of Drought

Fleas and Ticks thrive in dry environments and Arizona's increasing dry weather isn't helping.

Transfer from Wild Animals

Cockroaches are attracted to warm and moist environments. This is one of the reasons they're attracted to Arizona. If your home has extra moisture sources like dampness or mould, then they get even more attracted.

How Can You Tell You Have A Tick And Flea Infestation In Your Home?

Fleas and ticks can stay in the home for months without getting noticed.
The hardest to spot with the unaided eye is normally the insects, and beside your pets continually scratching, dark pepper kind of deposits around the home can help you tell that they’re near.
Irritated indentations on your skin can likewise be an indication. On most occasions, when you get things like boxes, furniture and so on from the store or the vehicle, cockroaches, as a rule, hitch a ride close by.
On most occasions, when you get things like boxes, furniture and so on from the store or the vehicle, cockroaches, as a rule, hitch a ride close by. Brownbanded and German cockroaches are common models. Brownbanded cockroaches incline toward warm and dry spots like roofs, while German cockroaches like wet and warm regions like breaks in the kitchen.

Types Of Ticks And Fleas You Can Find In Your Home

There are different species of ticks and fleas that are commonly found in Arizona.

They include:

Brown Dog Tick

This is the most widely recognized sort found in Arizona. They are level and rosy earthy coloured with spots and love warm environments. Their most basic host is the homegrown canine.

American Dog Tick

They are normally engaged with tick loss of motion, and their most favoured hosts are canines. They will promptly benefit from different creatures, however.

Cat Flea and Dog Flea

Feline Fleas are the most well-known sort in the United States while Dog Flea seldom influences homegrown creatures. They normally have canine tapeworm.

You should realize that bugs are industrious pests and keeping in mind that a few animal types set aside a short effort to annihilate, others like German Cockroaches could require a couple of months. Our costs are the BEST you can go anyplace in Arizona for the extraordinary work that we do. It’s our guarantee to you!

What Can We Do For You?

Inspection and Identification

At the point when you get in touch with us, we play out a careful investigation of your home and pets to decide the species in question and the degree of invasion.

Treatment of Pets

Our specialists here at Optimex Pest control use treatment designs that are custom-made towards eliminating the pests.

Treatment of the Home

We recommend introducing your pets with a certified vet to guarantee that the pervasion on them doesn't prompt a reinfestation of the home.


We make proposals on the ideal approaches to keep your pets and home protected from future re-pervasions.

Keeping your home safe is a need for us. We assist you with killing insects and ticks from your home while your pets are getting treated.