Spider Control

Most people have a strong fear for spiders and it’s understandable. With all those legs they possess, they’ll make anyone’s skin crawl.

Just the presence of one or two spiders or their webs in your home isn’t necessarily a cause for concern. But when a large spider infestation is found, it increases paranoia and needs professional attention.

At Optimex Pest Solutions, we offer spider control treatments that help to exterminate any amount of spiders that infest your home.

Causes Of A Spider Infestation

Different things could trigger spiders to infest the home. They include:

Indoor Food Sources

When there are other existing pest infestations in the home that could serve as food sources for the insects, they tend to multiply and keep feeding on those food sources.


Spiders favor places with clutter or minimal human interactions or disturbance so when your home has rooms that are filled with clutter or are unused, it becomes easier to experience spider infestations.

Easy Access To The Home

When spiders have easy entry into the home through unsealed entry points, cracks in the foundation, loose vents, doors that are poorly fitted etc, they tend to lay eggs inside and that leads to quick population proliferation.

How Can We Help?


Our spider control specialists will visit your home to conduct an inspection and determine if you have a spider infestation problem.

Treatment Plan

Based on our findings, we create a specialised spider infestation treatment plan just for you, then proceed to actual treatment.

100% Guarantee

We guarantee no recurring infestations, but in an unlikely case of a recurring infestation, we take care of it cost-free to you!

Why Choose Us?

Fast Response Rate

Our response rate to any inquiries is very fast as we don’t want to keep you waiting! You're guaranteed a reply within a few hours at most.

Free Inspections

We carry out a FREE inspection of your home to determine the extent of infestation. You don't have to pay to know what's going on in your home. We take care of that for free.

Fast and Effective Treatment Plans

Our treatment plans are effective against the specific type of spider infestation you have. Within 24 hours, we help you get rid of your spider infestation problem and ensure that all of it is gone after our treatment.

Expert Technicians

Our pest control technicians are certified experts that use a variety of effective pest control strategies and treatment options to ensure maximal extermination of all spiders in your home and leave you worry-free.

Extensive Experience

Nothing beats experience. With several years of experience under the belt, our technicians have seen all sorts of spider species. And they have treated several infestations and know where to look and what to look for.

At Optimex Pest Control, we believe that you do not deserve to live in fear of spiders, this is why we ensure they get exterminated as quickly as possible.

Once you notice any signs or get suspicions, call us to deal with it for you.

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