Scorpion Control

The truth is that scorpions are scary and dangerous!

This fear is well justified since depending on the species, their bite will cause problems ranging from discomfort with slight inflammation and local pain, to very severe complications in the nervous, circulatory, respiratory and muscular systems. In some cases, it can lead to death.

Some of their bites even cause allergic reactions that could be fatal. When found in the home, it’s a major cause for concern, and they need to be exterminated immediately.

At Optimex Pest Control Solutions, we help you with exterminating scorpions from your home very quickly with our scorpion control plans.

Scorpions are usually solitary and are usually found in dark places like logs and crevices.
You can identify them by their tail endings that have stingers filled with poison.

Having a solitary scorpion or an infestation in the home is very dangerous and may be difficult for you to detect due to a lot of potential hiding spaces for them. You need to call a professional scorpions control service when you notice any signs of a scorpion or an infestation and that’s why we’re here for you!

If you see a scorpion in your home, it is best to pinpoint the spot and then avoid it until pest control professionals arrive to remove it.

We use high quality and environmentally-friendly treatment options to remove scorpions from your home

What Are The Causes Of A Scorpion Infestation?

Scorpion infestations tend to increase during the summer due to the scorpions seeking shelter from harsh weather conditions.

Water Sources

Scorpions can usually survive without constant access to food supply but water is essential for them. If there are any water sources around your home like leaky pipes, it won’t be strange to find scorpions around.

Food Sources

Scorpions feed on other insects and if you're dealing with another infestation of pests, it is very likely for scorpions to come into the home to feed on the other pests. Therefore, any kinds of pest infestations should be taken care of immediately to prevent attracting scorpions into the home.


Scorpions love dark places and usually remain there until night when they come out to feed. Regardless of size, they have the ability to squeeze into cracks of any size, no matter how tiny. This means that crevices or cracks in your doors, foundations and floors at home are hiding places for scorpions and need to be sealed quickly.
When spiders have easy entry into the home through unsealed entry points, cracks in the foundation, loose vents, doors that are poorly fitted etc, they tend to lay eggs inside and that leads to quick population proliferation.

How Can We Help?

We respond very quickly within a few hours and come down to evaluate the situation before developing a strategy to safely remove the scorpions without harming anyone.

A thorough inspection of the home is performed to ensure there are no scorpions hiding out in dark places like cabinets and closets.

A treatment plan is devised to keep scorpions in check and prevent any future scorpion infestations.

At Optimex Pest Solutions, we offer our scorpion control services all around the state of Arizona and ensure that you, your kids and loved ones are safe.

We prioritize your safety! Please call us immediately when you notice any scorpions and we will be right there to protect your home from scorpions.