Wasps Control

Living in a home infested with wasps can be a very irritating ordeal. Their stings may be painful for some and cause irritation to sensitive skin.

Although these insects are very beneficial to the environment via their pest control abilities, the major problem is that they never travel alone. They move in colonies and tend to quickly take over a space. The warm climate in Arizona is also very conducive to wasps.

Nobody wants pests taking over their space and that’s why we’re here for you!

At Optimex Pest Control, our experts are licensed and trained in effective and safe wasp control methods to help you completely exterminate these insects from your home.

We offer our wasp infestation control services in and around Mesa and all over Arizona.

What You Need To Know About Wasps

How Do We Help You?

Inspection and Identification

Our experts inspect your home to identify the exact species of wasps that have infested. In Arizona, the most common species are the Yellow paper wasp, Navago paper wasp and the Arizona paper wasp.


Depending on the species found in your home, our experts use the right tools and wasp control treatment methods to remove the nests from your homes and completely exterminate the pests. This usually involves using protective stinging insect gear to keep safe from stings. You will also be required to leave the area during treatment to eliminate the possibility of getting a sting. The whole nest is removed alongside the colony so the possibility of a new colony of wasps or hornets using it in the future is removed.

Why Should You Hire Us?

You Get Professional Help

Wasps frequently construct their nests below the ground, concrete grounds or vegetation which poses a difficulty in treatment if you aren't a professional.

At Optimex Pest Control, our experts are fully trained in the extermination and removal of wasp nests no matter the location. Our techniques leave your home safe and infestation-free.


You are protected from the dangers of stings during treatment by recommending you leave the area.

You don't have to worry about our safety either. All staff are equipped with special protective gear that keeps them safe during treatment.

Expert Recommendations

Aside from just treatment, we offer expert advice to help keep your home safe and avoid reinfestation in the future.

At Optimex Pest Control, we prioritize your utmost satisfaction and wellbeing while being cost-effective.