Weed Control

Weed Control

Weeds pose a major challenge at your residential or commercial space, especially in Arizona and we understand how difficult they are to deal with.  

At Optimex Pest Control, we utilize the best and most effective methods to completely remove weeds from your outdoor space.

We know how important appearances are and we ensure that your space is going to leave a great impression on your loved ones, clients or colleagues.

If you have a lawn, then weeds are especially dangerous for you. They can destroy your beautiful landscaping and investment. 

Our weed control experts help you eradicate existing weeds and put measures in place to prevent future infestations.

We provide the best weed control services in Mesa and all around Arizona.

With our licensed, trained and certified weed control experts, your property is in safe hands.

Commercial Weed Control Services

Weeds can be unsightly especially in a commercial space where you have clients to impress. Our staff are experienced in the treatment of weeds and preventive measures against weed growth. Our commercial weed control services are budget-friendly and cost-effective.

Residential Weed Control Services

In Arizona, weeds are a common occurrence. Each home usually has a garden or front lawn 

and weeds aren’t left out of the picture.


Weeds disturb the actual plants growing in your home and aside from being a nuisance and reflecting poor housekeeping, they serve as breeding places for pests.


We use a number of residential friendly herbicides and other methods in getting rid of the weeds. This ensures that your home is completely safe from weeds.

Our Weed Control Process

After contacting us, the first thing we do is to inspect your property to identify the type of weed that is present and the extent to which it has grown or spread. This lets us know the amount of damage already done and the treatment methods to utilize to get rid of them effectively.

After inspection and evaluation, we get right to work and use the appropriate treatment methods to get rid of the weeds.

To prevent weed regrowth and domination, we recommend a few preventive measures to help you reduce the risk of another weed infestation.

Why Should You Hire Us?

Expertise and Experience

With our expert and experienced staff, we ensure that the treatment and weed removal process is thorough and completely effective. You can be rest assured that nothing will go wrong and if something does go wrong, it will be fixed with immediate effect.

Cost-Effective Weed Control

We minimise costs for you and ensure your work is done without having to spend extra money. If you have tried home remedies, then you’ll realize that most times, they don’t completely rid your home or commercial property of weed and lead to extra costs.


As our esteemed customers, your safety is our priority. No matter the method being used to remove weed from your space, your safety is guaranteed. Our staff are provided with safety gears to protect them from any harmful tool, equipment or chemical that may be used.

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